India is often characterized as an emerging economic superpower with analysts predicting that by 2030 the country will be third largest economy in the world. But this growth of the country is only part of the story. Despite substantial economic growth as reflected in increasing GDP and per-capita income, the country is still impaired by acute economic and social disparities.

It is this growing dichotomy that necessitates a broad based and inclusive growth to benefit all sections of the society. There is a critical and urgent need for finding gainful employment for millions and helping them transition to formal economy. Unless this need is attended to within the next few years, there could be adverse implications for Indian economy and society at large.

Umang Enterprise is established as SME by keeping the above vision in mind. Your support to Umang is a enabling social economy of India. At Umang we enable the big enterpises to grow and expand with the pace they want to achive. We deliver ontime and keep the cost optimized.

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